Friday, April 29, 2016

Baseball & Twitter *or* Dan Haren on an Exercise Bike

I'm grading right now, which is why I've spent much of the morning procrastinating on Twitter. Through a Twitter acquaintance, I stumbled upon the Twitter feed of recently retired MLB pitcher, Dan Haren. It's a gift. His tweet last night to Jake Arrieta, who has been pitching unbelievably lately, was perfect:
Turns out that some of Haren's best tweets came on a day when he was riding on an exercise bike, was bored, and decided to reflect on his time as a major league pitcher. As my Twitter acquaintance said:
These tweets are worth reading, so I thought I'd storify them for you. Because, you know, I only have a stack of grading piled on my desk and what better way to spend my time than creating a storify link of a retired pitcher's tweets and writing a blog post about them.

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