Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Questions about Familial Spiritual Practices

I'm curious about experiences you had of spiritual disciplines and devotional practices in their families while growing up. I'm also curious about what spiritual disciplines and devotional practices you practice with your family now, if you have children.

My reasons are primarily personal (though I don't want to discount the possibility of writing about this in the future). I did not grow up Roman Catholic, as regular readers of this blog know. I did not, therefore, experience 'traditional' Roman Catholic devotional practices until well into my twenties. Both Kim and I are interested in being more intentional about familial spiritual practices, but both of us are unsure about what this might look like. While we're an interchurch family, both of us sense that the Roman Catholic tradition perhaps offers a richer source for familial spiritual practices than the Anglican tradition, though the two have many similarities. So I want to know what kind of spiritual disciplines and devotional practices you experienced in your family, what this looked like, whether you found these experiences beneficial to you in your journey of faith, as well as whether you continue to inculcate this spirituality in your family today.

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