Monday, May 19, 2014

Resources for Studying Dorothy Day

My colleague, Elizabeth Hinson-Hasty, has a forthcoming book on Dorothy Day for Westminster John Knox Press' Armchair Theologians series (the book will be released in September, but is available for pre-order here).  The Catholic Worker worked out a deal with Elizabeth to post a great timeline for Dorothy Day that Elizabeth developed, and she tells me she will work with the Catholic Worker to write a series of essays for the website that will link to various chapters of her book.  The timeline can be accessed here.

Elizabeth's book will provide a great introduction to Dorothy Day's life and thought.  In addition, I encourage you to surf through the Catholic Worker website.  All of the articles Day wrote for the Catholic Worker paper are archived there, as are some articles from other publications, as well as some of her books.  The Catholic Worker has done a great job of making Dorothy Day's thought available to us all, and Elizabeth's contributions will make the site even better.

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