Thursday, March 8, 2012

18 Years!

On this day, 18 years ago (1994!?), I began dating the love of my life.

This is what we looked like then (we were both 18):

Me: Skinny, nerdy, trying (unsuccessfully) to grow a beard.  Kim: Hot
 This is what we look like now:

Me: Hairier, 60lbs heavier.  Kim: Still incredibly hot (Notice the baby?).
Over the past 18 years, Kim has consistently modeled for me what it could mean to love selflessly.  She has moved all over the place with me, putting my career above her own desires; she set up her own (very successful) practice as a registered massage therapist and so provided the monetary means that made it possible to live comfortably while I went to school; and she now devotes her time and energy to three young and incredibly spirited boys while she rests her hands, and ponders what will be her next step once the boys start attending school full-time.

Without exaggeration, Kim compels me to become a more selfless and loving person, only because she is both of those things in abundance.  In countless ways she exemplifies this love each and every day.  I quite regularly fall short as a partner and as a father (as I tell my students, I am one selfish bastard), but she loves me nonetheless and patiently waits while I try to become more like she is.

So…Happy dating anniversary, Kim!  We’ve now been together for half of our entire lives (yikes).

P.S. I should note that we will be celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary this summer.


  1. I remember you in the first picture!! What a beautiful love letter to your amazing wife. Happy dating anniversary to you both. Kiersten

  2. Perhaps you are a self-proclaimed selfish bastard, but you definitely are a model of encouragement, awareness and love in those well-written words. Happy anniversary you two! : ). Jodi R.

  3. She's amazing. Good work!
    - Regan